The CNNum can be asked by the Government to issue an opinion, or can, on its own initiative, examine any matter relating to the digital world


Decree 2012-1400 of 13 December 2012 gave the French Digital Council the power to make decisions through opinions, recommendations or consultation.

Opinions, recommendations, consultations

Pending decisions

  • Pending decisions cover platform neutrality

Previous decisions

  • Opinion dated 23 May 2011 on the draft Order concerning electronic communications: pdf
  • Opinion dated 6 June 2011 with recommendations on the status of Young Innovative Company: pdf
  • Opinion dated 10 June 2011 relative to the taxation of online advertising: pdf
  • Opinion dated 17 June 2011 on the draft Decree implementing Article 18 of the Law on Trust in the Digital Economy: pdf
  • Opinion dated 30 June 2011 on the draft law strengthening consumers’ rights, protection and information: pdf
  • Opinion dated 21 November 2011 on the regulatory part of the transposition of the revised Telecoms Package: pdf
  • Opinion dated 25 November 2011 on the financing of innovation: pdf
  • Opinion dated 14 February 2012 on thoughts about the taxation of the digital economy: pdf
  • Opinion dated 2 March 2012 on draft decrees and orders relating to the provision of information to central government and local authorities on infrastructure and networks established in their communities: pdf
  • Opinion of the French Digital Council dated 6 March 2012 on digital media in schools: pdf
  • Opinion of the French Digital Council dated 4 April 2012 on the proposed banning of regular consultation of terrorist sites: pdf
  • Opinion of the French Digital Council dated 5 June 2012 on open data: pdf

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