The French Digital Council

The French Digital Council

The French Digital Council is an independent advisory commission. Its remit was redefined and expanded by presidential decree on 13 December 2012, following its presentation on 12 December to the Council of Ministers by Fleur Pellerin, Minister Delegate with responsibility for SMEs, Innovation and the Digital Economy. The Council’s members were appointed on 8 february 2013 by presidential decree. The Council was set up in April 2011.

The Council issues independent opinions and recommendations on any question relating to the impact of digital technologies on economy and society. The government can consult the Council on new legislation or draft regulations.

The Council's thirty members come from across the digital spectrum, and include researchers and activists. The Council organises public consultations at both local and national level, and is in constant contact with France's digital ecosystem, including elected officials, members of civil society, researchers, digital experts, entrepreneurs and professional organisations.

Members et Secrétariat général :

Rapports d'activité : 2013-2014 / 2014 – 2015 / 2015

Budget :

Règlement intérieur et Mentions légales  :  lien

Recrutement :

Contact information:Yann Bonnet, General Secretary
+ 33 1 53 44 21 27

Twitter :  @CNNum

CNNum – Bâtiment Atrium
5, places des Vins-de-France
75572 Paris Cedex 12 (France)

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