Platform Neutrality : Building an open and sustainable digital environment

By | 13 juin 2014

In its report handed over on 13 June 2014 to Arnaud MONTEBOURG, Minister of Economy, of Productive Recovery and of the Digital and to Axelle LEMAIRE, Secretary of State charged of the Digital, the Conseil national du numérique (CNNum, French Digital Council) held an expanded approach to the neutrality principle: consecrate Internet neutrality and take in account the digital platforms, that became the new entrance doors of the digital society.

The opinion and the report : fr Avis sur le volet numérique du TTIP gb de es it

Press statement of the CNNum (in French)
Press statement of the ministers (in French)

Press kit (in French)
Slides used during the press conference (in French)


The CNNum’s opinion: Four parts diving recommendations coming in priority are developed in the report:

  • Part 1 – Bolster the effectiveness of law in relation to digital platforms
  • Part 2 – Ensure data system fairness – a new economic and social continent to organize on a sustainable mode
  • Part 3 – Invest significantly in skills and knowledge to bolster competitiveness
  • Part 4 – Set the right conditions to allow alternatives to emerge

In addition to this opinion, the CNNum publishes:

  • More technical fact sheets deepening some recommendations
    • Legal resources for neutrality
    • Fairness and sustainability of the data system
    • Positive neutrality: achieving an open Internet
  • An analytical report on platform ecosystems
  • A restitution of the entirety of the concertation

Consult the records of the concertation phase (in French)

Contact : 01 53 44 21 27 >>
Yann Bonnet, General Rapporteur,
Judith HERZOG, Deputy Rapporteur,
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