The free flow of data within the EU

By | 17 mai 2017

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The French Digital Council addresses the European Commission

on the free flow of data within the EU

As part of its strategy for the Digital Single Market, the European Commission has announced in January 2017 the preparation of several initiatives to develop a data-driven European economy.


While the Council supports the launch of a European initiative to promote the free flow of data in Europe, it considers that the barriers to its movement are caused by the lock-in strategies developed by  prominent economic actors rather than by national legislations. Thus, the Commission should primarily investigate the means to bring about an open data environment, promoting competition and the diffusion of innovation capacities.


Opinion CNNum_FFoD (English)

Avis du CNNum (French)

Free flow of data : Célia Zolynski’s talk during the 3rd Structured Dialogue with Member States (European Commission, 4 may 2017)

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