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The French Digital Council confirms its position on the free flow of data in Europe

The French Digital Council has issued on April 28th an opinion on the free flow of data in Europe. Following today’s conference in Tallinn on the single digital market, the Council issues two notes that precise its position on both the portability of non-personal data and on the abolishment of data localisation restrictions. The French Digital Council wishes to remind that barriers to data circulation are mainly to be found in lock-in strategies and retention actions among economic actors, rather than in national barriers.

Free flow of data: Célia Zolynski's talk during the 3rd Structured Dialogue with member states (European Commission, 4 May 2017)


First of all, I would like to thank the European Commission for leading this dialogue on the data economy and the permanent representation of France to the EU for organizing the participation of the French Digital Council to this discussion.