Opinion on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

On the 7th of May, the French Digital Council has delivered its opinion on the digital chapter of the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) to the Minister for Foreign Trade, Fleur PELLERIN. The report is now available in different languages:

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French fr Opinion of the French Digital Council

The Council considers that :

  • European Union values are vital levers for building a negotiating strategy on chapters that include digital issues;
  • Europe’s digital market structure must be based on lasting safeguards: the right to regulate, the ability to regulate in the future, and respect for the European Union’s sovereignty and freedom of competition are among their number. They must be used in negotiating the digital chapter of the proposed partnership;
  • The European Union is in a position to add to the opening-up and extension of its digital market by developing trade relations with new partners such as countries in Asia and Africa;
  • With a market of 500 million consumers, mobilisation of both public and private stakeholders is a priority: putting together a digital strategy and strengthening alliances between Member States are both positive levers for successful trade negotiation.

On 25 July 2013, the Minister for Foreign Trade, Nicole Bricq, asked the French Digital Council to submit its recommendations on the digital part of the planned Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) currently under negotiation between the European Union and the United States. The working group, directed by Benoît THIEULIN, therefore held a series of hearings with stakeholders in the negotiations, including French and American companies, civil society organisations, professional organisations and administrations. In March 2014, its 30 members unanimously voted an opinion. The report, named “Strengthening EU’s negotiation strategy to make TTIP a sustainable blueprint for the digital economy and society”, is composed of the voted opinion and several recommendations on specific issues that might be discussed during the TTIP negotiations.

Press contacts: +33 1 53 44 21 27

Yann BONNET, General rapporteur, yann.bonnet@cnnumerique.fr

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